February 2, 2009

Gingerbread Cake - Beats the Allergies

Our friend Ryan is allergic to almost everything - even celery and carrots. Anyways, today is his birthday which he shares with Groundhog Day, so we celebrated with cake yesterday during the Superbowl.
Since Ryan has so many allergies (and they seem to be always changing) I gave him some options of which he chose Gingerbread Cake. I made this cake last year for Michael's birthday, I think it was the first attempt at a cake from this cookbook, and it was just ok. I made some adjustments this time around including changing the suggested raspberry jam filling to none and rather than chocolate buttercream (chocolate allergy) as the recipe suggests I made a much lighter lemon buttercream. I also shortened the baking time as last year's cake was a little dry and used heaping tabelspoons of ginger.
The cake turned out well. It was moist and the light frosting paired with a more dense cake was much better than the first time I made it (sorry love). Anyways, Ryan really liked it and that was the goal - to feed the birthday man something he wasn't allergic to that he enjoyed. Our other friends Emily and Jay made some strawberry sorbet - and emily really liked the combination. This may be a better combination than using a raspberry jam filling. Next time I might try lemon curd filling and frost the whole cake with lemon buttercream rather than just the two layers.
The second time around is always a little better, thanks Katelyn for taking me up on my offer to bake. I'm glad that gingerbread is accepted after the holidays, it's just too good to wait one whole year for.

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