May 11, 2009

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

We received some rhubarb in our CSA box along with some strawberries (they must have wanted me to make this dessert) and I really don't know of any other good use for rhubarb. I'm sure there are some, but baked with strawberries seems to be the best way to eat it. 
The crisp is actually a really quick and easy dessert to throw together. It is a double crisp with walnut ginger crumb and basic strawberry sauce that you spread over chopped rhubarb. I omitted the candied ginger in the crumb topping because I just don't care for it - and I added a little more powdered ginger to the strawberry sauce instead. The recipe also called for peeling the rhubarb and I consulted my San Francisco Farmers Market Guide for reasoning. They said you didn't have to, and that if you peeled the red stalks they would loose color. I left them as little 1/2" hunks and only tore off the skin if it didn't cut well (only a few pieces). Since it is a double crisp, you add half the topping to the bottom of the pan to form a crust (not up the sides though) and scatter the rhubarb across it and top with the strawberry mix. Then you sprinkle the crumb topping on and bake for about an hour. It really smells lovely while baking. 
It turned out really well. I actually have never cooked with Rhubarb, but welcome it in my next CSA box! I'll have to try something new. Serve it warm with some vanilla ice cream and you are in for a fantastic treat. As you may have noticed in my last post, I have been experimenting with different serving pieces and decided the martini glass was fitting for this one. Now I regret never using the Rhubarb that grew in my backyard as a kid - Mom what were you thinking! haha. 


  1. Hi Christina! I made a cobbler with my rhubarb / strawberries. It only has a crust on the top with the compote below....turned out yummy! For a picture:


  2. Thanks Maria, yours looks lovely! What type of crust did you use? very pretty woven top. I'm so glad they added these in our box!

  3. It's a cornmeal crust. I like the way the woven part turned out -- very wide and loose!


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