June 12, 2009

Cookies Cure Post Vacation Woes

After returning from vacation I was in need of some "baking therapy" as I called it. We spent 10 days in the South Caribbean (see photos if you like) and returning to work was not a happy time. I believe I had a little bit of post vacation depression - you might too if you were able to lounge around on a boat or beach and jump into the ocean at your leisure. In order to get out of my funk and exhaustion from work I decided to make some cookies. I don't actually remember the last time I made cookies but I will guess that they were Snickerdoodles by request (one of Michael and Brittany's favorites). 
I spent a while looking through two trusted cook books and decided to make coconut macaroons - only to find out I had used up almost all of my coconut stash. Instead of coconut I went for simple chocolate chip cookies. I think the recipe I used is one of the best, although I do enjoy a thicker cookie sometimes. I split the batter in half and added coconut and pecans for a change. Good texture and nutty crunch. 
Something I have been thinking about (since I did not post right after baking) is the strange phenomenon that happens when you leave cookies in a sealed container with a slice of bread. I found online an illustration of what they call "Cookie Osmosis." My mom did this when we were growing up and I was always amazed how the bread revived them. My husband was super skeptical calling it "an old wives tale" until I proved to him it worked. I can't think of a better way to make a couple dozen cookies last unless you freeze 'em. Give it a try!

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