December 13, 2009

Mint Brownie Chip Ice Cream

I'm pretending to be Ben (or maybe Jerry). Picture me lounging on the couch reading cookbooks, wishing ice cream would appear out of thin air. If only I owned a multi-million dollar corporation with an endless supply of ice cream at my fingertips.  I do this often (the part about reading cookbooks I mean). I am pretty sure I have read 90% of each cookbook I own, but I can't remember all of those recipes so I visit them often in search of inspiration. I was craving some ice cream recently and since it was M's turn to choose the recipe he made it very difficult and said "mint with chocolate." Ben and Jerry know ice cream, but so does David Lebovits. Oh, how do I choose with all of those beautiful ice cream photos?

I have a slight tendency (ok a huge tendency) to not make decisions... mostly to questions that don't matter too much, like "where do you want to eat?" or "did you have any place in mind for drinks after work?" which I typically respond with either "I don't really care" or list off three places that may work. I'm trying to be better, it is just a tough habit to break. I am very decisive when it comes to work related stuff, but baking is a different creature. There are too many options, and usually too many recipes I want to make all at the same time. Faced with the vague comment of "mint with chocolate" I turned to my two ice cream cookbooks and found nothing. Haha. It is true. Nothing really sounded good. I kept pestering M with more questions to try and force some legitimate information from him (like chocolate chips or shavings) and he wasn't very much help. He has similar tendencies... what a couple we make! 

In the end I finally decided I wanted to make something with brownies and chocolate chunks. Chunks in ice cream are very important, chunks in jello we could all live without. I used the Ben & Jerry's Sweet Cream base for this one and added my own slightly larger portions of mix-ins than the recipe called for. It turned out wonderful. I might have liked more brownie chunks and less chocolate chips, but the mint and chocolate combination was successful. Next batch is my choice... wish me luck... or tell me your favorite ice cream and maybe I'll make it. 

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