July 14, 2010

How do they do it?

How do you keep up with your blog and have a full time job (that fills up your free time once in a while)? I guess a lot of the blogs I read are bloggers by career, or photographers of food, so they would maybe have more time to devote to this than myself. There are also blogs I read that post everyday and I imagine those people have real jobs too....

I miss you blog. I miss you people who read this blog. I've been working too much lately and am going to stage a revolt. Lucky for me those time consuming school projects have come to an end. A short-lived end (until our next deadline in 10 weeks...) but at least I will get my life back. And I will have more time to bake. Baking relieves stress and I can't remember the last item I baked without cheating and looking in the archives. ick. I need some me time.

If any of you have any great recipes you think I should try during my new found freedom, please share! I'm making a ginger cake soon for the Easy Bake cOven monthly recipe, but wanted to try some fruit pies since it is summer and berries could not be more tasty. I should also probably participate in this month's Daring Bakers Challenge (it has to do with ice cream) unless they have kicked me out. Let's hope not.

ok, send me your recipes, even if you haven't made them yet but you just can't stop thinking how tasty they will be. I'll try them for you if you let me!


  1. Are you ready for this? I just had cake and I liked it! That means I definitely think it's worth you trying. Plus, it's the perfect summer treat- Orange Almond Olive oil cake with Vanilla and Cardamom scented cream and poached apricots. Yummmmmmm! I can send you the recipe.

  2. Definitely send it! This is kind of amazing... no, it is really amazing!


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