February 9, 2011

The Cappuccino Cup Conundrum

I've been looking for new coffee cup recently. M and I currently have super gigantic mugs from Target (which we received as a wedding present almost five years ago!) and I'm tired of them. They are too large. They are too thick. They don't keep my tea warm for long. For these reasons, I've been on a search for some nice cappuccino cups and saucers. I want to drink tea daintily, and be inspired to use the steamer attached to the coffee/espresso machine. I don't want the cups to be so dainty that M refuses to drink out of them, so anything Anthropologie is out. Sad. We typically use the steamer once every four months when I'm happily awake on a Saturday morning, but I want to make beautiful milk designs (I have no idea how) and drink Blue Bottle Coffee. All of these things I want, and I can't seem to coordinate my trips to IKEA with the cup being in stock. Arg! 

I found similar cups from Crate & Barrel, and Williams Sonoma that look nice, but aren't different enough for me to pay more than the IKEA cup and saucer. Which one would you pick if you didn't know the price? Click on the link below each cup to see if you have expensive taste! They range from $5 to $26 each. If you have a cup and saucer you love more than these, let me know... I'll probably break down and go for the Crate & Barrel cups... they are only slightly more than IKEA... actually, now that I've thought about it, I would likely spend the extra money in toll and gas! Decision made. 

Wouldn't you love to see this face across the table from you on a Saturday morning? You know it's true. 


  1. I picked the C&B ones, though the others are cute too. I would say you're right that the cost difference really doesn't matter once you factor in gas/etc. Can't wait to hear about your milk design adventures. I'm sure you'll be a natural!

  2. the RIGHT mug is a MUST! I like to find cups and saucers and 2nd hand shops... nothing in my kitchen matches and that suits my crazy personality just fine... Loved the blog!


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