July 16, 2011

to Cake Pop or to Pake Cop

I made another wedding cake this weekend. It was great fun, except that in addition to the wedding cake, I made a cake for my co-worker's son's birthday. I don't think I'll overbook myself again and I'm asking all of you to hold me accountable. I can't imagine another week of working 10+ hour days, then standing in the kitchen for another few hours each night in preparation. The birthday cake was fun and gigantic, and I'll be sure to share some photos and recipes later. The wedding cake was much less stressful than my first, and it turned out well. I guess you learn a little bit each time, right?

I'm working on a post for the wedding cake, but was hoping you all might have some great ideas for all of my leftover scraps. You know, the rounded portions of the cakes you have to sacrifice to make each layer perfectly level. As much as I love cake pops, I wanted to make something a little less sweet (pake cops). Maybe incorporate chocolate ganache into the batter instead of frosting? I want something a little more grown-up. I'm guessing Michael would prefer to keep sprinkling the scraps on top of ice cream...

Ok people, I'm all ears and a bit brain-dead. Looking forward to two more cakes and a pie this week. hehe. (now in your best mad scientist voice) I. Will. Never. Stop. Baking!


  1. We ate at Blackbird for my birthday this year and I ordered a chocolate gateau dessert. I thought it would be a cake, but was more of a deconstructed dessert. Cake crumbles were arranged in 3 groups on the plate, with a scoop of sorbet at one end, swathes of raspberry sauce, and little chocolate chips and candy bit sprinkled in each pile of cake crumbs. It was delightfully fun to eat.

  2. Oh, and a creme fraiche under the piles of crumbs...

  3. I know this is an uber late comment... I own a little bakery and HATE typical cake pops, but everyone keeps asking for them!
    I use unsweetend whipped cream instead of frosting, and semi sweet chocolate. (or just good quality white if it needs to be coloured). I find that I really like them like that, none of that sickly sweet nonsense.

  4. oh, and when I have scraps of chocolate cake, I make trifle.
    Just layers of the crumbled cake, kahlua chocolate pudding and chocolate whipped cream.


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